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I don’t even know what to do with this account :[ I miss writing as Jonah and Tatia

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So I’ve thought a lot about it and when I am going to be doing is totally restarting the characters and everything. EVERYONE will be re-opened. No OC’s in this site as of yet. You guys can audition for anyone you want (without a para because I will put protected since I know you all). I’ve just been getting so many anon’s i don’t post about how I fail and suck about it all. So I’m restarting this rp with a new plot and built up characters with help from any people who want to give it as a possible co-admin?

rerstarting characters? but :/ 

Wait, like no ocs allowed? Because I only know how to play Tatia and Jonah, or Katherine but she’s taken :[

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Well Kol said he’d be back soon, he’s finishing something of which i dont remember. I haven’t seen Bon in a week :/ and Kat and Care are here. Char/jonah reappeared. Astrids lazy ass is around here somewhere and Bekah is deff here. We just need major plot. Or maybe a reopening or something?

Bon is doing school work until the end of the week I believe? I’m thinking re-opening of some characters may be nessasarry. I mean, I will ask people what characters they want to keep and what ones I should open really. Char/jonah are dead. Char deactivated I think and jonah hasn’t been active in like over a month. I know Kat Care and Bekah are all here and myself Elena, and you as Damon, (and always Stefan)

Char’s account wasn’t letting me do anything so I had to delete it, I sent a message to the main but I guess it didn’t go through.

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ooc. is this group still alive?

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#awww #ty! #well everyone would probably understand if you went on a hiatus until things cleared u i think #i havent been on much and no body seems really upset with me :]

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#nooooo but you're the best bekah and then you'd be gone D:

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Found You | Jonah & Abigail


Abigail had gotten word that Jonah had been redaggered. Being stuck in a coffin wasn’t too fun, which some people already know. Abigail as well felt like if someone was killed or somewhat killed it better be for a reason. And because she had found no reason for Jonah to be daggered, she planned on undoing it. It was her choice, besides, it was nice having an original owe her one. Especially Jonah. She had been led to a very unimaginative area to hide a body. Though the old Lockwood property hadn’t been used in some time, it was still a very obvious place to hide a body. At least in her opinion. The door into the room where Jonah was being held was barred shut and locked. But a locked door wasn’t going to stop her.

Abby raised a slender hand and reached out to touch the door. The door burst, exploding as if her hand had been an exploding time bomb. She stepped through the threshold and dusted herself off. She walked towards Jonah’s body and tilted her head to the side. After circling the corpse she knelt down and wrapped her hands around the handle of the dagger before yanking it out. “Rise and shine.”she mumbled. Abigail examined the dagger and stepped back from his body.

It took a few moments, but then the sensory flood gates opened. His brain turned on, and sound, smell and everything else flooded into his brain. As dramatic as it was, Jonah’s eyes snapped open and he sucked in a huge raspy breath. He laid there a moment, trying to clear his thoughts. But then movement caught his attention, and he coughed and turned to see just who had rescued him from limbo. “Abigail?” he asked, grunting as he sat up, his hand going to the spot where the knife had been, rubbing it gently. 

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What kind of RP? So I know not to suggest certain people if it’s based on a show they are on…haha. Also age range?

Just a regular real life rp. Not based on a show :)  Ummm 17-24. I haven’t quite decided on how I want her personality or anything yet xD

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#now you guys should give me good female people to use as a pb for a character #cuz im thinking about joining this rp #this other rp i mean #someone really gorgeous #idk #and that has a loooootttttt of gifs

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Bro Time | JonahxKol



Jonah stared back at his brother. Really? Killing squirrels was cathartic for him? You had to be kidding. It’s just pathetic to go about killing defenseless animals. How was Jonah even related to some of these people. How the hell could they find any fun in killing squirrels or any kind of animal? Where was the thrill? Chasing squirrels and bunnies was the work of dogs. With a roll of his eyes Jonah turned to look down at his glass to take another gulp of amber liquid. “You guys just get softer and softer. First Klaus falls in love with every set of boobs that walks by, Bekah is needy for attention and Elijah is getting married,” Jonah snorted.  

Kol blinked that his brother’s actually taken his deadpanning to heart, Jonah must have really lost touch with reality at some point, or maybe Kol himself did and this is a twilight zone, or maybe he’s just gotten good at sounding honest, well technically carving up squirrels was always a rather fun hobby for him since he was a boy, he doesn’t know why Jonah sounds shocked now. Oh well, maybe he could just let his brother wrangle him into some trouble, it’s better than him trying to deal with emotions. Letting out a big sigh, Kol made his way to the bar area and got a glass for himself, “You know brother, you’re losing your touch if you can’t see a joke coming from a mile away…” With the glass in hand, Kol sat down on the couch, lounging with a drink in one hand, “I’ve been bored for too long, and seeing as you are the self proclaimed person with all the good ideas, tell me you have something entertaining?”

It wasn’t all the surprising that Jonah missed Kol’s joke. Seeing that, he himself, rarely joked, and if he did, it was more on the side of malicious and dark. Kol’s joke was more lighthearted, well as lighthearted one could get about killing something. That, and Jonah spent hundreds of years in a coffin, and was still a little out of touch on most things. Back then, before Nik managed to stuff him into a box, not a whole lot of joking went down, not like today’s joking. And Jonah didn’t know much of his siblings, so there was that. He didn’t know much of their personalities or how to interact with them. Rebekah was really the only one he credited himself with knowing. Because she was easy enough to understand, and their relationship mostly consisted of him teasing the hell out of her. “Perhaps,” Jonah said with a shrug as he took another sip of his drink. “Well, my views on what are entertaining just my differ from yours. I, myself, always find terrorizing and hunting after another vampire extremely fun.” He said with a smile. The difference between feeding off a human and another vampire was mainly the chase. Humans are easy to catch and munch off of, and then you risk the taste of vervain. Other vampires though… That was much more of a challenge.

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maybe if he actually showed an ounce of remorse toward the situation or to Bonnie I wouldn’t want to see her kick his ass. In the end they’ll figure out how to be around one other but there is something huge hanging in the air between them

that’s exactly how i feel. and that’s coming from a person who’s a huuuuuge damon stan. i want everything that’s good for him, but sometimes he needs to be reminded to take himself down a notch, and maybe think of all the repercussions of his actions before doing things.

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#not to jump in the discussion or anything #but i agree that damon deserves the things that bonnie does to him #he doesn't deserve to die #but he does need to be punished for his actions sometimes #technically he killed her mom

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A step too far | Katherine/Jonah


Katherine’s smile was confident as she raised her chin, looking up at the man in front of her. She raised a brow at the way he looked her over, most likely calculating all differences and similarities that she and her ancestors shared. It wasn’t difficult, even personality wise. Elena was a watered-down version of her and Tatia, with the worst hair of them all. Kat absentmindedly played with a curl of her hair as she looked him over as well. Taller, stronger, probably smarter. Maybe she had been running from the wrong Original all this time.

There was no need in making a new enemy, but she assumed he had heard of what she’d done to Kol, so their relationship was pre-determined. “Intruding? Hardly. I came just to speak with Elijah.” Katherine lied, but her appearance didn’t show it. In fact, she had gotten quite good at that. Another twinge of a smirk appeared on her lips. “You know, I’ve never seen you around until now.” She mused, taking a few steps closer to him. “I wish I had.”

"Oh really? Well, I’m sorry to inform you, but Elijah doesn’t live here… He lives off in the woods somewhere with his resurrected witch girlfriend," Jonah replied, using every bit of self control he had to suppress the urge to roll his eyes. Sometimes he felt like the only smart one within his family. Fraternizing with a witch wasn’t good, or smart. Nothing good would come of it. 

"Mmm…" Jonah said with a nod, "Well you have my dear brother Nik to thank for that." 500 years ago that little pest of a brother managed to sneak up on him and stab him through the chest. 500 years, Jonah spent in that wretched coffin. The eldest Original watched the doppelganger before him with a slightly amused expression. "I don’t know about that, I eat pretty little things like you for breakfast," Jonah said with a smirk, meaning it both literally and not.